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We can give you an opportunity to work with some truly remarkable IT engineers, architects, specialists, and more. 02 Growth We’re growing at a phenomenal pace and we’d like some company, so why not join us? 03 When it comes to benefits, and employee focus and culture, we are the best 04 Cutting-edge When it comes to DevOps and the latest frameworks for delivery, DOU is where it’s at. 05 Entertainment Our parties are fun, crazy – and we don’t want you to feel left out. 06 We acknowledge your voice, your nature, your talent and help you strengthen your footprint Work Smart & Play Hard DigitalOnUs is a NextGen IT organization. Whether you are an experienced professional or a newbie, we offer an enviable work culture that is a right blend of ambition, thirst for knowledge, learning, and teamwork. We are a family focused on a common objective, and when our colleagues and team-members do well, we celebrate their success. Our Ace Hiring Team The people behind Tech Mahindra Talent Acquisition Specialist Talent Acquisition Specialist Anali Chinito Talent Acquisition Specialist Cecilia Salas Talent Acquisition Specialist Talent Acquisition Specialist Talent Acquisition Specialist

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