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Job Overview:
Key Performance Areas: Make the following leadership contribution : o Provide Means ▪ Ensure that employees have the information, clarity, peformance goals, targets and standards & feedback they need in order to understand whats expected of them, and how their roles contribute to expected results ▪ Ensure that employees have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs ▪ Ensure that financial processes and resources enable employees to make the contribution required of them ▪ Support the team as necessary, with problem solving and root-cause analysis, leading to resolution and decision making at source; and refer issues to systemic level for resolution, as appropriate o Enable Ability ▪ Ensure that the team has the capability and competence (qualifications, experience and integrity) required to do their job ▪ Develop the teams understanding of the business and how it is performing ▪ Coach the team in terms of how to do their jobs and why the job needs to be done ▪ Facilitate team growth though regular reviews, planned task observation and deliberate changes in employee accountability o Enable Accountability ▪ Ensure the team performs the activities necessary in the execution of the their duties in an optimal and timely manner, making adjustments as necessary ▪ Conduct regular contribution reviews and feedback at an individual level to ensure adherence to operational and process standards, work instructions, and performance targets ▪ Carry-out performance reviews one a one-on-one basis, , and participate with the team members in team reviews ▪ Hold team appropriately accountable, applying generosity and courage as appropriate Make the following direct contribution: o Provide costing and management accounting, including BOMs, inventory valuations, sales pricing, etc. o Ensure that all cost management and accounting functions are performed in accordance with company rules and financial principles o Lead the companys budgeting and forecasting activities o Contribute to the effective management of the companys insurance portfolio o Establish, enhance and comply with policies, procedures and internal controls o Ensure systems are properly utilised to optimise accuracy of all information o Interact with internal and external stakeholders as necessary to promote the interests of the business o Perform profitability analysis for customers and product items o Contribute to pricing and financial modelling efforts as necessary o Implement the Management System (IMS) o Ensure that processes and routines implemented through IMS (e.g. 5S, 5W, MCRS, etc.) are effective o Identify, resolve/escalate for resolution, and report risks and non-conformances o Attend and/lead relevant meetings and make the required value contributions o Identify opportunities for improvement, communicate them to the Production Manager for consideration, approval and action o Deliver required management reports in accordance with stipulated standards Qualifications & Experience: CA (SA) BComm Accounting or equivalent At least 5 years post qualification experience Solid leadership experienceNEG

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