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Duties: Apply statistical methods and perform mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, staff requirements and production standards. Coordinate quality control objectives and activities to resolve production problems, maximise product reliability and minimise costs. Confer with vendors, staff and management personnel regarding purchases, procedures, product specifications, manufacturing capabilities and project status. Draft and design layout of equipment, materials and workspace to illustrate maximum efficiency. Review production schedules, engineering specifications, orders and related information to obtain knowledge of manufacturing methods, procedures and activities. Communicate with management and user personnel to develop production and design standards. Estimate production costs and effect of product design changes for management review, action and control. Study operations sequence, material flow, functional statements, organisation charts and project information to determine worker functions and responsibility. Evaluate precision and accuracy of production and testing equipment and engineering drawings to formulate corrective action plan. Analyse statistical data and product specifications to determine standards and establish quality and reliability objectives of finished product. Develop manufacturing methods, labour utilisation of standards and cost analysis systems to promote efficient staff and facility utilisation. Recommend methods for improving utilisation of personnel, material and utilities. Plan and establish sequence of operations to fabricate and assemble parts or products and promote efficient utilisation. Complete production reports, purchase requisitions and material, tool and equipment list. Lead and coach an analytical approach to problem solving. Inspect and monitor work areas, examine tools and equipment and provide employee safety training to prevent, detect, and correct unsafe working conditions or violations of procedures or safety rules. Manage and lead team members, programmers when required/assigned. Requirements: Industrial/Mechanical Engineering diploma At least 2 years” automotive industrial engineering experience Must have experience in mechanical installation and maintenance work on plant electrical systems and equipment Broad knowledge of controls and mechanisms Proficient in troubleshooting, design and optimisation of systems Proficient in work combinations table

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