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Nedbank Group Limited – Product Owner : Job Summary •Nedbank Group Limited is looking for a Product Owner Duties and Responsibilities •As a product owner, you will be expected to have an excellent working knowledge of project management product management, customer co-creation, product design, channel management, commercialization and financial management •You will be the fulcrum in the balance between the market need, as articulated by customers and the banks delivery of product, service and experience against those needs. •You will be able to take insights from the market and and translate them into product offerings. •You will test with customers and translate research findings into actionable agile projects as an important part of the banks digital, innovation and commercialization process. •You will be responsible for the successful and on going commercialization of the product or product portfolio and account to the relevant executive against agreed targets Qualifications and Experience •Essential Qualifications – NQF Level •Advanced Diplomas/National 1st Degrees •Preferred Qualification Tertiary Qualification/ formal accreditation in Professional field MMP/SMP / MM or equivalent BSC Computer science •BComm Information Technology Post graduate management qualification •MBA How to Apply Click on the link below to apply View more information

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