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Would you be eager to continually improve customer value and internal efficiency through quality, innovative software? Our software development team could use your skills, passion and experience to develop and maintain solutions that will help keep thousands of websites online. We are passionate about frequent, iterative delivery of high-quality software and aim to build lasting solutions using agile principles and the latest technology available. We work together in autonomous teams that take full responsibility for their own part of the xneelo ecosystem and require commitment to and understanding of the Agile (Scrum) development philosophy. As Software Developer, you will form part of a team that will be responsible for the maintenance of in-house developed and 3rd party web applications, ensuring a seamless, intuitive hosting experience to our customers. The ideal candidate will have a passion for: A willingness and ability to work with PHP A willingness to work with legacy systems that are not well documented Contribute to the documentation of legacy systems Problem solving and continuous improvement Proficient at troubleshooting Technology to serve operational and client requirements Programming, open source Technologies and IT in general Optimal systems and simple procedures Agile development and a self-organising team environment Sharing ideas and innovation Minimum of two years work experience A high proficiency in the following Web development (Ruby and/or Python) MySql and/or Postgres English with a good comprehension of the language Docker Responsibilities Continually drive process and technical improvements within the ordering and billing team In collaboration with the Product Owner and stakeholders, understand the needs of the customer in order to resolve operational friction points and deliver innovative, robust solutions Support the legacy systems that form part of the product Participate in all aspects of the software development process Integrate 3rd party applications into the hosting environment Qualifications BSc or BTech majoring in Computer Science will be advantageous, however your ability to demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the web technologies and sound software engineering practices will trump a formal qualification. The largest community on the web to find and list jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or a specific location. Pennylane is hiring an Engineering Manager. You would man Clari is hiring a backend engineer to help drive growth a eVisit is hiring a Solutions Architect. You should have a

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